Our Approach

Carolina Day School is a leader in educational innovation and a model of excellence for western North Carolina and beyond. Our creative and reflective educators craft a cohesive curriculum in a supportive environment where inquiry, discovery, and learning flourish. 


Building and giving meaning to strong foundational skills is essential and is just the starting point at Carolina Day. Students actively engage in real-world problem solving, project-based learning, service learning, and design thinking projects and activities, which allow them to practice, apply, build, and transfer these important skills in meaningful ways.

Our students benefit tremendously from our special blend of teaching methods, curriculum, and community. The CDS faculty practice their craft as artisans of the classroom, mixing their professional experience with research and wisdom to teach each child. There is a shared expectation between students and teachers that everyone will push themselves in many ways to stretch and grow—intellectually, socially, emotionally—and teachers provide the support necessary to help students face challenges head-on and learn to persevere with confidence. It’s an ever-evolving process of combining the best ingredients for the outcomes that matter most in life: strong communication skills, self-advocacy, problem-solving, and teamwork.


Our families tell us that they value their investment in a Carolina Day education because of our unique combination of highly qualified teachers, innovative program, and inclusive community. Simply put, Carolina Day children, adolescents, and young adults alike enjoy coming to school; they think hard, play hard, and celebrate their group successes and personal bests with gusto. Creating a community of well-rounded, engaged, and happy students who will make a meaningful difference in the world is our vision and our passion.

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