Upper School Arts Day
Posted 05/04/2018 08:58AM

Upper School Arts Day

On Thursday, April 26, Carolina Day upper school students participated in Arts Day workshops led by their peers and upper school faculty. Students look forward to the annual Arts Day as a time to focus on learning something new, exploring creativity, and enjoying intellectual pursuits across many media, including dance, theater, music, cooking, landscaping, and martial and visual arts.

With Art Workshops in the morning, a Gallery Opening at lunch, and a Showcase of Talent in the afternoon, Upper School Arts Day is a day in which students can explore new talents and push themselves artistically, while gaining skills that help them to become open-minded critics, to appreciate alternative forms of self-expression, and to articulate ideas in a variety of creative ways.

"Arts Day is a celebration of all things creative,” said art teacher Marbie Kollath. “We try to encourage teachers and students to share creative passions they may have by teaching a workshop or participating in the Showcase of Talent. So often, we focus on academic achievements, and this day is about exploring creative expression. There are so many ways to be creative–cooking, dancing, painting, clay, music, writing, crafting and photography are just a few. It's an uplifting day for all!"


See many more photos from Upper School Arts Day in our online album.

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