Middle School Scholastic Writing Award Winners
Posted 02/07/2017 02:07PM

Congratulations to our Middle School Scholastic Writing Award winners! Over 330,000 works were submitted nationwide. The Gold key winners will advance to the national competition. This program is open to students in grades 7 through 12.

Gold Key Winners

Emily Foley “One Little Spark of Rebellion” (short story)

Erin Hovendon “Letter to the President: Racial Bias in the Criminal Justice System” (critical essay)

Caroline Koon “Hiding in Plain Sight” (short story)

Julian Kotara “Snow Angels” (poetry)

Silver Key Winners

Erin Hovendon “The Symptoms of Soccer” (short story)

Julia Matin “The Whistler” (short story)

Honorable Mention

Jake Bernstein “Letter to the President: Syria” (critical essay)

Roan Dunn “Where the Sun Never Rises” (short story)

Roan Dunn “A Road” (poetry)

Erin Hovendon “Simply Me” (poetry)

Amber Huard “The Man at the Fair” (short story)

Samuel Jenkins “Death Valley/Alaska” (poetry)

Emma Kate McCann “There Once was a Time” (poetry)

Patrick Sleater “Swimming Poem” (poetry)

Connor Smith “Ohrdruf” (short story)

Isaac Winner “Alfred Lord Tennyson” (critical essay)

Caroline Wood “The Lemonade Stand” (short story)

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