Eva Peterson '17 Featured on WLOS for Big Screen Role in "The Boss"
Posted 04/19/2016 08:51AM

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ASHEVILLE, N.C. -- Sometimes you have to pull a few strings to get to Hollywood.

For Carolina Day student Eva Peterson, playing the ukulele might have made all the difference in giving her the confidence to perform next to the likes of comedy superstar Melissa McCarthy.

"The Boss" starring McCarthy and yes, Peterson, was the third-highest grossing moving this weekend.

When you have the talent to dream big, you're probably just daring enough to think small.

"Oh you, know, I'll try ukulele, it's just a cute instrument," says Eva.

Peterson has enough ambition to feel like she's sixteen going on stardom.

"Before the cool done run out I'll be giving it my bestest/and nothing's gonna stop me but divine intervention," sings Peterson, playing the Jason Mraz song, 'I'm Yours.'

"I reckon it's again my turn/to win some or learn some," she sings.

Turns out, she's not just a youth with uke.

"It's a very happy instrument," she points out.

Two years ago, she signed with a talent agency and her career took off, but her future's not in music.

"It's been crazy, it was kind of like zero to a hundred when I got that role," Eva says.

What she means to say, is zero to McCarthy.

"I play Chrystal Delvecchio, I'm one of the Darnell Darlings," she explains.

"The Boss" was filmed in Atlanta last year. She plays one of the rough-and-tumble Girl Scouts in the film.

"Buy my brownies or I'll kill you!" Eva's character says in the official trailer.

"Say it, perfect!" McCarthy responds in the film.

Eva describes as the leading lady as the mom on the set, and the perfect mentor when it comes to comic timing.

"She's so talented and experienced, whereas i'm just beginning," she says. "It was almost easy because she gave me so much to work with."

"The Boss" has been a box office smash, partly because Eva keeps going back to the theater to see multiple times.

"Three now. I think I'm going to this weekend," she tells us. "I'm going to try to take advantage of it as much I can."

She says her passion for music came first, but thinks the stage and screen is where she belongs.

She said the acting bug struck at five years old when she played the Golden Goose at five years old at a local acting camp.

"That first performance and people laughed, I was like, 'This is awesome!'" she decided then. "Like people are laughing at me!"

"I'm entertaining people," she recalls of that moment. "That's where it really stems from."

You know you're gifted when one talent sets the stage for another. In this case, music helped make her more comfortable when it comes to acting.

"Just learning how to perform more than anything," she says.

Now this double threat has a singular focus with a big movie under her belt.

"I think opportunities are opening up because of this film," she says. She hopes the movie gives her career momentum.

Last week, Eva did an audition for Freeform, formerly known as ABC Family.

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