Bellamy Shares Wisdom with Middle School Student Leaders
Posted 10/01/2015 02:14PM

Former Asheville Mayor Terry Bellamy, met with Middle and Key Middle School student government leaders this week. She talked with them about the importance and responsibility of representing the Middle School student body. She also discussed being a transformative leader: one who makes real, lasting change for the better in the whole community.

Our student representatives made us proud in the insightfulness and honesty of their questions and comments,” said Key Middle School faculty member Paco Marmolejos. “They represented the warmth and welcoming spirit of the CDS community very well.” 


Bellamy also talked to our student council representatives about the philosophy of servant leadership and engaged them in a conversation about how that can play out in their school community. Using the example of how to plan a school dance that everyone would want to go to, she explained how transformational leaders involve everyone in the decision-making process so that they have the best chance of making sure everyone has something to look forward to and enjoy. Though it was clear she had a wealth of knowledge and experience in a leadership capacity, she stressed that "No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care." 


One of our new sixth grade representatives this year exclaimed as the session wrapped up, "That was awesome. I'm so glad I decided to run for student council." 

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