Pre-K Studies Monarch Life Cycle
Posted 09/14/2015 10:36AM


Pre-K students are immersed in their study of Monarch butterflies. So far, they’ve learned the stages of the butterfly’s life cycle. A butterfly lays an egg, the egg hatches into a caterpillar, eats milkweed to fatten up, creates a chrysalis for about a two-week rest, and emerges as a Monarch butterfly. The Monarch then heads south to Mexico until spring, when they return to lay an egg on a milkweed leaf. Then the cycle starts all over again.


The Pre-K were thrilled to be invited to CDS parent Nancy Joyce's milkweed garden, which was full of each stage in this amazing natural event. The students witnessed the hungry caterpillars eating the milkweed, plenty of chrysalis', and watched two Monarch butterflies emerge right in front of their eyes.


The unit on Monarch migration wraps up with Pre-K embarking on the 20th annual Monarch Migration through campus on September 25, a CDS tradition that simulates the monarch butterflies’ migration to Mexico. Carolina Day School’s “Hallelujah Seniors” – those who have attended the school from Pre-K through senior year and also participated in their first migration in 1997 – will lead the parade of butterflies.


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