WLOS News 13 Game Changer: Carolina Day Girls Basketball
Posted 12/19/2014 08:24AM

The Carolina Day girls' basketball team has turned into a dominant force -- finding postseason perfection in each of the past four seasons.  

Head coach Joe Carrington has created a culture of championships at Carolina Day; the Wildcats have seen four consecutive state titles. 

"It's a good culture that they expect to go deep into the playoffs," Carrington said. "Each group tries to establish its own legacy."

This year's team is off to another solid start and has won eight of its first nine games. The players say they know nothing short all-out effort is acceptable.

"When Joe says you do something good, it has to be almost perfect," junior guard Mikayla Ray said. "We just got a compliment from Joe Carrington!"  

Coach Carrington has 298 career wins and counting. Being a part of victory number 300 will be extremely important to the players.  

"Joe is a really great coach," senior forward Abigail Ward said. "He cares about all of us as individuals, as students, as athletes and takes care of us.  For us to be able to give him the opportunity to be part of the team that helps him make it to 300 wins is just an amazing opportunity."

Winning that fifth consecutive title has been the goal ever since the end of last season.  

"I have never been a state champion in anything before," Ray said. "So, my hunger is there. My drive is there. Every day I want to come to practice and get better and work on my shot, make my teammates better, go hard all the time."

Coach Carrington says the girls want success off the court as well. 

"They are competitive in every aspect whether it's academics or board games or basketball or whatever," Carrington said. 

The Wildcats play in the Holiday Classic on Dec. 29.

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