Middle School (6-8) 

Middle School is a warm, inviting place, full of creative energy and academic challenge. It serves as a bridge between the Lower and Upper School years, a unique time when adolescents experience rapid growth and change – both physically and intellectually – and must be guided and supported in special ways. We provide a safe and caring environment for these transformations while inspiring students through our dynamic curriculum to meet high academic standards.

Carolina Day’s Middle School teachers inspire students to discover their individual interests, abilities, and values with initiatives including our leadership project, buddy program, and arts opportunities. We have active classrooms where students work individually, in pairs, and in small groups. Each student has one adult advisor who knows and cares for the student and who supports the student’s academic and personal development. We also emphasize moral and ethical development. We teach our students how to make responsible choices, be of service to others, and develop in all ways as concerned citizens of their community and the world at large.


Course Descriptions



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