International Travel

Over the years Carolina Day School has offered students many opportunities to travel abroad with faculty.  Trips that go beyond our borders give our students the chance to immerse themselves in another culture, to enhance their language skills, to see firsthand the sites where historic events occurred, to study and explore new environments,  to perform community service and most importantly to see their own society with new eyes when they return.  These experiences fit hand in hand with Carolina Day’s mission by inspiring students to think deeply, communicate clearly and act compassionately to impact others in the world.  Foreign travel experiences can spark curiosity, invite reflection, provide challenges that reveal hidden strengths, deepen the bonds students have with each other and with their teachers as well as fostering new relationships in the greater global community.    

Because of growing interest in travel abroad Carolina Day has begun to organize trips on a two year cycle.  Our  plan is to post information on proposed trips so that interested families can begin to consider their options, make choices and plan ahead.  Beginning in 2017 CDS will emphasize language learning and cultural immersion trips every other year, while focussing on history, science and non-language trip offerings every other year beginning in 2018.

  1. Trips for 2016-2017 (Spring Break, Summer Break)

Trip to




Open to

Link to info


Spring Break 2017 or April 1-8 2017*

Ocean Studies Class

Dora Nelson

Expected trip for students taking the class

Ocean Studies Trip

Dijon, France

Spring Break*

Student Exchange

Kathryn Garrison

10th-12th graders taking French

French Trip Info


Summer 2017*

Cultural Immersion

Nina LaFerla

9th-11th graders (rising 10-12)

China Trip Plan


Summer 2017*

Spanish Language, culture, eco-tourism

Gail Wallace

9th-11th graders (rising 10-12)

Panama Trip Info



2017** (June)

French language and culture

Maria Cochrane

7th & 8th graders (rising 8-9)

Quebec Trip Info


Summer 2017** (June)

Spanish language and culture

Ana Ogle

7th & 8th graders (rising 8-9)

Spain Trip Summary

*Please note that for Upper School Spring Break trips of 2016 the first deposit is due September 30 (non-refundable after Oct 15.)  For Upper School  Summer Break trips the first deposit is due Jan 15, 2017 (non-refundable after Feb 1, 2017)

**Middle School Summer trips: enrollment deadline is Friday, October 28, 2016.

III.  Proposed Trips for 2017-2018 (Spring Break, Summer Break)

Trip to




Open to

Link to info

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Spring Break 2018

Ecotourism and adventure

Cat Evans

9th-12th graders

Australia Trip Info

Eastern Europe

Spring Break


David Herzinger

9-12th graders

Hapsburg Tour

Costa Rica

Summer 2018

Conservation & Ecology

Karla Weidner

8th-11th graders (rising 9-12)

Costa Rica Trip Info

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