Explore, dream, discover

The learning journey begins with curiosity. At Carolina Day School we encourage each student to:

  • EXPLORE. Children learn by exploring, playing with different ideas and perspectives, studying global cultures, and through inner reflection. Our faculty encourages, stimulates, and supports exploration.

  • DREAM. All children have a dream of "what they want to be when they grow up." The process of making dreams come true takes hard work, resilience, and skill. Our teaching approach allows children to start making their dreams a reality.

  • DISCOVER. Self-reflection is the key to discovering our strengths and putting them to work on behalf of our dreams. Discovering the world and our place in it is part of the Carolina Day School experience.

A Carolina Day School education is a transformative experience. We’re eager to introduce you to Carolina Day School and it all starts here: learn more about the admission process, submit your application, and reach out to our Admission team.

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